The 3rd edition of the conference INNOV’SAIL was held in Lorient 26-28 June at the Cite de la Voile Eric Tabarly.










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July, 4th 2013

Individual papers will be available from the program page very soon


July, 2th 2013
Great thanks to all delegates for their participation and be ready for the next edition planed in 2017.

You will be available to download the proceedings here very soon




 The 3rd edition of the conference INNOVSAIL was held in Lorient 26-28 June at the Cite de la Voile Eric Tabarly. The conference was a great success with the participation of more than 90 delegates from all over the world, who enjoyed the high quality presentations of 34 contributions on various topics, about fluiddynamics, structural design, fluidstructure interaction and racing tactics.

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The conference was opened by a panel discussion with the famous naval architects and designers Vincent Lauriot-Prevost, Guillaume Verdier and Benjamin Muyl, all involved in cutting edge design projects. On Wednesday evening, an open session was the opportunity to announce the intention to launch the International Association for Yacht Engineering with the aim to promote collaborations and exchanges between the academic world and industry. The audience gave strong support to this intention and brought many useful ideas. The Association will then be launched in the near future.

On Thursday night, all delegates enjoyed the conference banquet at the Haras d’Hennebon in a friendly atmosphere. The session of Friday morning started with the exciting keynote lecture offered by Emeritus Professor Yutaka Masuyama from Japan who reviewed his fantastic experience in yacht research, and particularly on-the-water testing. The conference ended up on Friday afternoon with visits to the Lorima yard and the offshore racing base next to the conference venue.

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Overall, INNOVSAIL 2013 was a unique opportunity to present the latest outcomes from scientific and technological research and engineering in all topics concerned in high performance sailing yachts. The conference has given rise to a fruitful exchange of knowledge and know-how and many opportunities to start new collaborations and technological transfer from academia to industry. Moreover, the numerous students, young scientists and engineers attending INNOVSAIL had a unique opportunity to get in touch with most of the key persons in the field of yacht research and engineering and to make contacts for possible PhD projects and job opportunities.

Great thanks to all delegates for their participation and be ready for the next edition planned in 2017.







Cite de la Voile Eric Tabarly

The conference venue is in the Cité de la Voile Eric Tabarly, a purpose-built marine centre and museum dedicated to the adventure of modern sailing. The Cité is in the heart of the Yacht Racing Centre in the beautiful bay of Lorient, home of many high technology yachting industries and racing teams, such as the Groupama Sailing Team of Franck Cammas (2012 Volvo Ocean Race winner), IMOCA 60’ (Vendee Globe) and maxi multihulls (round the world record). Lorient was a stopover of the 2012 Volco Ocean Race.

Eurolarge Innovation, The Ocean Racing Business Network

A centre of excellence for ocean racing has emerged in southern Brittany, arising from competitive yacht racing skippers who seek further improvement in their performance joining forces with dynamic, innovative local businesses with an interest in the sea.

Eurolarge Innovation is a technopole which was created expressly as a support system for these innovative businesses centred around ocean racing : sail, rigging, fittings and deck hardware manufacture, shipbuilding, safety equipement, electronic navigation and communication equipment, hull surface treatment, etc.

These businesses are often already internationnally recognised as market leaders due to their skills, experience and know-how. This infrastructure, teaming competitors, businesses and also reasearch establishments, provides skippers in Bretagne with the most cutting-edge racing yachts, resources and equipment currently available anywhere in the world.


The Naval Academy Research Institute (IRENav) is a pluri-disciplinary research centre oriented to the maritime environment and its sustainable development, member of the national networks of the “Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Arts et Métiers” (ENSAM ParisTech). It supports the scientific education of the navy cadets at the Naval Academy (MSc Degree).

The Naval Academy also teaches a research Masters course in Naval environment and participates in teaching a specialized Masters degree in renewable marine energy. The Mechanical and Energy Engineering group is specialized in fluid mechanics, fluid structure interaction, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering, and research is dedicated to the multi-physics study of the operation and the control of fluid systems in the propulsive field, and for renewable marine energy.

The staff is currently composed of 11 academics and 12 French and international PhD students and postdoctoral fellows. A major research topic in the group is fluid structure interaction on hydrofoils and particularly on soft structures submitted to large displacements and deformations such as yacht sails.

Lorient Agglomération

On the strength of its maritime heritage, Lorient is naturally pulled towards the sea and the activities emerging from it. The town and its surrounding area draw their strength from the ocean to develop tourism, nautical and naval activities, both civilian and military. In illustration of this, the former submarine base has become a major tourist attraction in France, classified in 2011 as a destination of excellence by the European EDEN competition, for its exemplary reconversion.

Today, with 3 000 berths for leisure boating, the Eric Tabarly sailing museum, one kilometre of pontoons reserved for sea-going Formula 1’s, all primary school pupils getting free sailing classes during school hours, and 1 300 jobs in the nautical industry, in less than ten years, Lorient has become an international reference in the field of leisure boating and offshore racing. From the class Mini 6.50 single hulls to the record maxi-trimarans, 70 boats of all types prepare for competitions on the waters around Lorient.

Following the start of the Solitaire du Figaro in 2009, two editions of the International multihull tradeshow, and several stages in the Tour de France à la Voile, Lorient hosted the French stage of the Volvo Ocean Race in June 2012. The third largest Breton town with 200 000 inhabitants thus figured on the world sailing map, along with Auckland, Sydney, Newport and Cape Town, confirming its status as an international sailing centre showing off its multiple assets.


Tuesday 25th June


Welcome and registration

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Cocktail reception

Wednesday 26th June


Coffee and registration

Opening address
Pannel Discussion : V. Lauriot Prevost, G.Verdier, B. Muyl, Y. Dollo
Session 1 : Hydrodynamics
Session 2 : Hydrodynamics (continued)
  • Numerical Study of Asymmetric Keel Hydrodynamic Performance through advanced CFD, D. Mylonas, S. Turkmen, M. Khorasanchi – Download the proceedings here
  • Narrow ship wakes and Wave drag for planing hulls, M. Rabaud, F. Moisy – Download the proceedings here
  • Presentation of posters (3 minutes each)
Coffee Break
Session 3 : Aerodynamics
  • Conceptual ideas on a double surface sail inflated by dynamic pressure, S. Brüns, H. Hansen, K. Hochkirch – Download the proceedings here
  • Comparison of full 3D-RANSE simulations with 2D-RANSE / Lifting Line Method calculations for the flow analysis of rigid wings for high performance multihulls, K. Graf, A.v. Hoeve, S.Watin – Download the proceedings here
  • A comparison of downwind sail coefficients from tests in different wind tunnels, Ian Campbell – Download the proceedings here
Presentation of IAYE (International Association of Yacht Engineering) and Sailing Fluids Project

Thursday 27th June


Coffee and registration

Session 4 : Structure / Materials
  • 3Di and TPT, from yachts to F1 cars, G. Sergent North Sails, W. Smith Createx – Download the proceedings
  • Smart materials Application on High Performance Sailing Yachts for Energy Harvesting, S. Turkmen, D.Mylonas, K. Khorasanchi – Download the proceedings
  • Long Term Immersion in Natural Seawater of Flax / Biocomposites, A. Le Duigou, A. Bourmaud, C. Baley, P. Davies – Download the proceedings
Coffee Break
Session 5 : Aerodynamics
  • Wind tunnel pressure measurements on rigid model-scale downwind sails, P. Bot, I.M. Viola, R.G.J. Flay, J.S. Brett – Download the proceedings here
  • Delayed Detached Eddy Simulation of Sailing Yacht Sails, I.M. Viola, S. Bartesaghi, T.V. Renterghem, R. Ponzini – Download the proceedings here
  • An experimental Investigation of Asymmetric Spinnaker Aerodynamics Using Pressure and Sail Shape Measurements, D. Motta, D. Le Pelley, R.G.J. Flay, P.J. Richards – Download the proceedings here
Session 6 : Fluid Structure Interaction – Aero-elasticity
  • Numerical Study of a flexible sail plan , effect of pitching decomposition and adjustments, B. Augier, F. Hauville, P. Bot, J. Deparday – Download the proceedings here
  • FSI Investigation on Stability of Downwind Sails with an Automatic Dynamic Trimming, M. Durand, C. Lothode, F. Hauville, A. Leroyer, M. Visonneau, R. Floch, L. Guillaume – Download the proceedings here
  • Development of Computational Fluid-Structure Interaction method for yacht sails, F. Bergsma, N. Moerke, S. Zaaijer, H. Hoeijmakers - Download the proceedings here
Coffee Break
Session 7 : Fluid Structure Interaction – Hydro-elasticity
  • Flutter of racing yacht keels and appendages, R. Balze and H. Devaux – Download the proceedings here
  • Dynamic fluid structure interaction of a foil, C. Lothodé, M.Durand, Y. Roux, A. Leroyer, M.Visonneau, L. Dorez – Download the proceedings here
  • An unsteady FSI Investigation into the Cause of the Demasting of the Volvo 70 Groupama 4, W. Menotti, M. Durand, D. Gross, Y. Roux, D. Glehen, L. Dorez – Download the proceedings here
Departure bus to the Haras National d’Hennebont
Cocktail party
Return by bus to hotels and Cité de la Voile Eric Tabarly

Friday 28th June


Coffee and registration

9:00Keynote Lecture : Review of the work achieved with the sail dynamometer boat “Fujin”, and the role of full scale tests as the bridge between tests and CFD, Y. Masuyama, Kanazawa Institute of Technology – Download the proceedings here

Estimating a yacht’s Hull-sailplan balance and sailing performance using experimental results and VPP methods, M.P. Prince, A.R. Claughton- Download the proceedings here

Coffee Break
Session 8 : Tactics – Meteo – Simulator
  • Sailing site investigation through CFD modelling of micrometeorology, M. Le Guellec, Y. Amice – Download the proceedings
  • Optimal Yacht Routing Tactics, F. Tagliaferri, A. Philpott, I.M. Viola, R.G.J. Flay – Download the proceedings
  • Development of an America’s Cup 45 Tacking Simulator, A.K. Lidtke, L. Marimon Giovannetti, L. Breshan, A. Sampson, M. Vitti, D.J. Taunton – Download the proceedings

14 : 00 Visit of Sailing Base and Lorima yard

The scientific committee includes many of the reference scientists in the field of Yacht Engineering from all over the world.

  • Patrick Bot, Naval Academy Research Institute, France, conference Chair
  • Prof. Richard Flay, Yacht Research Unit, University of Auckland, New Zealand, member of steering committee
  • Prof. Fabio Fossati, Politecnico di Milano, Italy, member of steering committee
  • Prof. Christophe Baley, Université Bretagne Sud, France
  • Prof. Dario Boote, University of Genova, Italy
  • Kaï Graf, Yacht Research Unit, University of applied Sciences, Kiel, Germany
  • Len Imas, Stevens Institute of Technology, USA
  • J.A. Keuning, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
  • Prof. Lars Larsson, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
  • William Lasher, Pennsylvania State University, USA
  • Prof. Yutaka Masuyama, Kanazawa Institute of Technology, Japan
  • Prof. Marc Rabaud, Université Paris Sud, France
  • Ignazio Viola, University of Newcastle, UK
  • Prof. Michel Visonneau, Ecole Centrale de Nantes, France
  • Sandy Wright, Wolfson Unit MTIA, UK


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